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Sidr Honey


In the Arab world, Sidr honey is among the most well-known varieties. It is essentially honey that is produced when bees absorb the nectar of wild Sidr plants. Iron, protein, calcium, and magnesium are among the many nutrients found in Sidr honey. In comparison to other varieties, it is distinguished by a high density and viscosity. It smells quite distinct, almost like perfume. Compared to other varieties, it tastes sweeter. Moreover, it crystallises more slowly than some.

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• Antimicrobial properties: The anti-bacterial and anti-microbial qualities of this honey set it apart, as they do from nearly all other types. So, pasteurised Sidr can be used as an antibacterial and moisturiser on burns and wounds.

• Increases energy: Honey is a very good energy source. Consequently, consuming honey at any time of day or on an empty stomach may considerably assist you in preserving your energy and activity level.

• Men: Simple research suggested that Sidr and honey in general may benefit men with a variety of sexual issues, including erectile dysfunction.

• Women: Sidr honey aids in the relief of menstrual pain.

• Skin Conditions: Use it as an ointment or mask to help treat skin disorders like psoriasis, acne, and eczema.

• Immune booster: Its strong antioxidant content strengthens the immune system and aids in the body's defence against disease.

Sealed glass jar: 200ml

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