What Causes Erectile Dysfunction – And Ways To Treat It

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As a man, I guess you can say there’s no shame in having an ‘off’ night from time to time, but what if it’s starting to become a regular thing? Well, that might be a sign of a problem.

What I mean by ‘off’ night – is someone having trouble getting up? And can he keep up?

If this happens frequently, it could be a sign of a health condition or poor health routines.

The good news is – You can do something about it, easily, without it having to cost you hours out of your busy schedule or breaking the bank. Before we get into that, let’s take a look at some causes of ED (erectile dysfunction)

What Causes ED

The main causes of erectile dysfunction are commonly caused by stress and mental health concerns, meaning it can be caused by psychological, physical, or a combination of both concerns.

The common cause of erectile dysfunction is not getting enough blood flow to the big guy in the moment of… you know (wink, wink). A decrease in blood flow to the penis can be caused by blocked arteries. High blood pressure and high cholesterol can also contribute to constricting the arteries that flow blood to the penis. Though there are medications on the market to treat the narrowing of arteries, these meds are designed to decrease the blood flow to the penis, which results in low libido and erection difficulties.

Physical causes such as sleeping disorders, prostate cancer, kidney disease, and lifestyle factors of consuming too much alcohol, drug abuse, and smoking can all contribute to low sex drive and ED.

Mental concerns such as worrying about your performance, or other factors like low self-esteem can worsen your ED. Other psychological concerns such as depression, stress, and anxiety can also have an impact on your performance, leading to low libido, low energy levels, and problems with erections.

How Can I Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

If you have been dealing with erectile dysfunction for a while now, you better head off to your doctor and let them do a complete physical exam so that they can point you in the right direction. This could mean they’ll help you with some lifestyle changes and provide you with the correct male enhancement supplement to use for your libido levels. Worst-case scenario, they’ll send you off to a specialist. But still not to worry, these conditions are always treatable.

If ED only occurs occasionally and you feel confident that it’s nothing to worry about, here’s what you could do to prevent it from happening in the future:

Up your game in the gym – if you’re not someone that’s currently taking place in any exercises, I strongly suggest that you do. 30 minutes to an hour a day could save your life, literally. Apart from helping with your sex drive, physical exercises are good for your well-being overall.

Change your diet or part of it – What we put into the body has the biggest effect on how we perform as humans. First things first, and I feel bad for pointing this one out… cut down on your caffeine intake. I know we all love a nice cup of coffee, but these naturally lower our libido levels. The good news is, male enhancement supplement companies are now starting to make what we call ‘sex coffee’. Switching over to this can be a good start.

Alcohol consumption – most people don’t know this, but more than 2 drinks a day for men is bad. Yip, studies show that consuming alcohol on a daily basis can cause low testosterone levels and difficulties with keeping erections up during sex.

Eat plenty of proteins and avoid foods high in fats – fried foods are one of the biggest culprits as it leads to health issues such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. This will all lead to ED issues later on in life. Instead, consume foods that are high in protein, or squeeze in a high-protein meal replacement supplement during the day.

Reduce stress levels – easier said than done. I know. Studies show that reducing stress levels at home and at work can do wonders for your sex life. A small tip on how to reduce stress levels at work: get some support from your colleagues and set boundaries for yourself. Stress is one of the most common culprits of low libido in men.


ED can put a lot of strain on a relationship. If you’re partner struggles with erectile dysfunction, it can be difficult to overcome if he’s not one to openly speak about it, or ashamed thereof. If you’re the partner of a loved one suffering from ED, you should want to help them by encouraging them to openly speak about it so that you guys can get to the root of the problem and help him make lifestyle changes and start looking at male enhancement supplements.

If it’s a little more serious than that, help your partner talk to his doctor about it so that you can have a deep understanding of maybe the physical or psychological problem of his sexual functions.

What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you.


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