What Is Libido: Everything You Need To Know

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Every person has libido, but several reasons may cause it to increase or decrease. Let’s find out what it is.

Libido, also known as sex drive, is the desire a person has to engage in sexual activity or pleasure. High libido refers to an increase in craving for sexual activities, while low libido refers to a decrease in desire for sex.

If you think you may be affected by either of the two, keep reading.

Causes Of Low Libido:

Low libido in women usually occurs during menopause, this is due to a decrease in hormone levels.

People who follow restrictive religious beliefs may also have a lower sex drive because of their commitment to their religion.

Mental Illness
People who suffer from mental health issues have the risk of sexual dysfunctions that leads to low libido.

Age Group
Libido is known to shift when a person ages. When we hit the age of 60 and above, we run the risk of suffering from a low sex drive.

According to research, obesity has an impact on sexual behaviors, which may lead to sexual dysfunctions such as low libido.

Chronic Diseases
Diabetes and heart diseases can cause erectile dysfunction in men leading to a low sex drive.

Libido may decrease in both males and females when their relationship is suffering.

Causes Of High Libido:

High testosterone levels
Men with high testosterone levels, or men who are on testosterone supplements for gym purposes, have a higher desire for sexual activities.

People who engage in daily exercise activities usually have a higher sex drive.

According to studies, indulging in drugs like cocaine can cause an increase in libido levels.

How To Increase Libido

If you’re suffering from low libido, you can do the following to increase it:

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Physical Activities
People are known to increase their libido by doing exercises such as weight training, yoga, and cardio.

In females, studies found that sleeping for a longer duration led to an increase in sexual desire the following day.

Libido & Alcohol

The excessive use of alcohol over a long period can cause a decrease in sex drive, as it reduces testosterone levels in men. Not only does it affect your sex drive, but interferes with other functions that are important for pleasure and orgasms, this as – blood circulation, and sensitivity of nerve endings.

Benefits Of High Libido Levels

A high sex drive leads to a higher desire for sexual activities, which can be good for:

Pain relief – sex is a natural painkiller as it releases oxytocin.
Reduction in blood pressure.
Heart diseases – studies prove that men that have more frequent sex are less likely to develop heart diseases.
Lower stress levels.

Mood – sex reduces anxiety and depression.
These are just a few among many other benefits of high libido.

Libido Booster Supplement:

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